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"At an early age for both of us, abandonment, violence, and trauma converged.


In pre-adolescence came sexual violation; and predatory experiences that threatened us, creating lies and false intimacy - a state of constant anxiety.


Though we tried to live an outwardly Christian life, we struggled internally with loneliness, shame, fear, and self-doubt  - hope was elusive."


In 2005 Jeanette discovered trauma therapy that integrated spiritual and psychological care at Rachel's Vineyard©, a retreat for healing from abortion.

In 2007, she attended a Grief to Grace© Retreat which uncovered and healed some of her emotional wounds which led to psychological injury. Due to the changes occurring in her, Marty attended the retreat in 2008. 


With many of their secrets dismantled, they began to see that their wounds could be transformed, and they could become a great source of strength to each other and the community. In 2012 they became certified life coaches and Marty was able to pursue his desire to become a deacon, ordained in 2015. "We continue to thrive as 'works in progress' who want to share with others the hope and healing of Christ's mercy and love."  

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For over 40 years we've been involved with helping people from all walks of life with issues such as housing, developing the skills to live within their means, and self-sufficiency to become the best persons they can be.


Both of us have served in various capacities in non-profit organizations including co-founding our own ministry that involved running a Dorothy Day House of Hospitality in the Twin Cities area.


Grief to Grace MN invited us to share our time, talent and treasure as part of their team that volunteers gifts blessed by the Holy Trinity, working in tandem to bring healing, hope and charity.


Nancy is a practicing psychologist with expertise in helping individuals who have experienced complex/developmental trauma in their lives. She is certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, EMDR, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.


Nancy has always deeply understood and believed in the interaction of the mind, body and spirit in healing from abuse which has influenced her in becoming a therapist for Grief to Grace MN.


In her spare time Nancy loves to read (two book clubs for the past 15 years), loves to hike in the wilderness and looking forward to more traveling.   




Often, the past gets in the way of the present. When Anne heard about Grief to Grace in 2015, she was immediately drawn to attend the program for her own healing.

Anne has specialized in providing therapeutic massage for disabled and medically frail clients through nurturing touch and presence. She brings that experience to her involvement with the Grief to Grace MN Ministry, offering safe touch and “mindful grounding in the present moment" for those recovering from abuse. 

Anne is involved as a professed Secular Franciscan in the Fraternity of Mary, Queen of Peace in Saint Paul. She enjoys singing in her Church choir. She loves connecting with her children and grandchildren both locally and in Alaska.



In 2012 after hearing Jeanette’s testimony, Diane attended Grief to Grace in Oregon.


As a young girl she had suffered abandonment and the sorrows of her parent’s divorce. She also experienced secondary trauma as someone close to her was being molested. After the retreat she experienced a new freedom and sense of purpose and began researching the possibility of bringing the program to Minnesota.


In 2015 she and Jeanette enrolled in Grief to Grace training in Philadelphia and after that invited Dr. Theresa Burke’s Team to Minnesota to begin the 3-year training process. 


Diane is one of the first contacts for those looking to attend the retreat.



NANCY BLUME, MA Licensed Psychologist