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My Story

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About Rebecca

Rebecca was originally drawn to the retreat program, Grief to Grace MN, to deal with the “second-hand trauma” she experienced parenting adopted kids who had survived complex early childhood trauma. The retreat provided her with an environment in which she was able to be honest and open about old wounds from her own childhood and the guilt and shame buried deep within, and she was able to experience new freedom away from those toxic feelings. 


Rebecca is passionate about the integration of the Catholic faith with evidence-based mental health services and recently founded the “Elijah Institute” with the hopes to train more mental health professionals in the integration of faith into the therapeutic process.


Rebecca is a personable and pragmatic healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience who has worked in planning, directing, and evaluating a variety of medical and mental health organizations. She works with the goal of boosting the economical and efficient performance of the organization while delivering high-quality clinical services. She has deep experience with workflow analysis, revenue cycle management, regulatory compliance, reporting, and professional ethics.

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