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 You Were Made for More

Have you endured abandonment, sexual abuse, rape, incest, neglect, or other abusive acts in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult?

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of a spiritual leader or a member of the clergy?


Healing the Wounds of Abuse


Consider joining us on an upcoming retreat!

Located in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area

Limited Space

Register Early!

August 13-18, 2024

November 19-24, 2024

Contact Diane, 612-440-7247​​

More Information

What is Grief to Grace?

Grief to Grace MN is a 5-day overnight program for anyone who has suffered abuse.

Our model of care is trauma-informed, helping each person discover a safe and hopeful path to restoring their dignity - a therapy for the soul.​


Centered on Jesus Christ, our approach combines a comprehensive understanding of medical and psychological principles with professional excellence and compassion.

Our Approach


Connect with the hidden feelings and blind spots

in your heart


Listen to your hidden pain and unmet needs, and learn to honor all that is within  


Experience love and compassion to open your life to amazing new possibilities

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