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 You were Made for more


Have you endured sexual abuse, rape, incest,
neglect, or other abusive acts
in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult?


Have you suffered abuse at the hands of a
spiritual leader, minister, or member of the clergy?

We Can Help

Grief to Grace – Healing the Wounds of Abuse, is an internationally recognized spiritual and psychological journey offered to anyone who is suffering from the violation, trauma, degradation and lasting effects of abandonment, neglect, sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse.

In a 5-day residential program, our qualified staff will accompany you in a trauma-informed model of care that helps each person discover a safe and hopeful path to restoring their dignity - a therapy for the soul.​

                    Upcoming Retreats in Minnesota
                        (now registering for August)
                   August 15 - 20, 2023                          
           January 30 - February 4, 2024                 


Contact Diane, 612-440-7247​​


"Best retreat ever. Most powerful healing ever.
Better than 10 years of counseling


 "This is the hope that I desperately needed

at this time."

"I feel I am ‘connected’ inside in

a way that is new."





Connect with the hidden feelings

and blind spots

in your heart

Black Soil


Listen to your hidden pain and unmet needs, and learn to honor all that is within  



Experience love and compassion to open your life to amazing new possibilities

please leave your 
information so
we may connect with you.
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